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Commercial Electrical Services

Our services include:

  • Office Builings

  • Office/Tenant Space

  • Restaurants

  • Retail Stores

  • Convienient Stores

  • Service Stations

  • Parking Garages

  • Paint Shops

  • Vehicle Maintenance Garages

  • Hazardous Location Facilities

  • Warehouse Storage 

Fidelity Electric, Inc. provides licensed, professionally trained, commercial electricians for new construction projects in Charlotte, Gastonia and surrounding areas. Whether you are building from ground up or just adding to an existing building we have got you covered. 

New Construction


Whether your office is a historic building in need of restoration and remodeling, or a complete distribution system, Fidelity Electric, Inc. can help with a wide variety of affordable solutions

  • A properly designed retrofit will reduce the overall electricity demand

  •  Improve the facilities production

  • Reducing electricity consumption can lower energy costs 

  • Improve your company's profits


Fidelity Electric, Inc recognizes the key elements to a successful project are the quality, safety and dependability of the contractor doing the work. Fidelity Electric, Inc. provides services in Charlotte, Gastonia, and surrounding areas. Contact us today to set up an appointment 704.825.0011

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